Why it’s Never the Thought that Counts


when its not the thought that countsLet me guess. You woke up this morning with Spanish question marks dancing all around your head. And after you jump in the shower while dressed with your morning coffee (or something like that), those question marks begin to stretch into exclamation points. And before you know it, your newest idea is born!

Great idea! But what’s next? Here’s why, in entrepreneurship, it’s Never the Thought that Counts…

Congratulations are in order. Having an idea means you’re still alive. But like meeting your new born child for the first time, the beauty & astonishment of the first nine months of discovering something new doesn’t prepare you for the lifelong work ahead. Just the sheer excitement of your newest innovation persuades you to believe that an idea, which was literally born yesterday, can somehow fend for itself in the real world. Why?

One significant difference between your idea and a real newborn is that you wouldn’t hesitate calling the proper authorities if the newborn’s safety and growth was in jeopardy. But your ideas? Well, you’ve just met those little strangers & haven’t made any substantial commitments to its upbringing. And since you refuse to be accountable for them, no one else will.

The Point: Your ideas need your commitment to grow. It can’t do it alone! You can never be certain of “Tomorrow’s New Idea”. Terms like “New”, “Idea”, & even “Tomorrow” have never been companions of certainty.



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