Our Services: Tailored-To-Fit

Once you’ve (1) submitted our questionnaire to get started, & (2) successfully secure payment for services, your requested services will be completed within 5-10 business days guaranteed!

“On-The-GO” Consulting Sessions: Could you use practical help with learning & applying relevant “hands-on” entrepreneurial skills necessary for your current venture to move forward in its growth? Book your Discovery Session here w/ a live professional experienced in your industry & location!

(Limited Time Offer) Black Tie “Buttons” Analysis: Get the most essential insight on tying your ideas into reality in a concise discovery session.
  • We’ll list the essential documents, filings & paperwork needed to lawfully get started specific to your industry & location!
  • We’ll advise (or train) on what skills &/or certification are necessary to successfully run your ideal (or existing) business!
  • We’ll uncover 5 key markets essential to your industry & location for optimal sales & marketing opportunities!
  • We’ll estimate the essential costs & recommend some of the best available means for funding your unique ideas!
  • We’ll recommend strategies to form the strategic partnerships & other types of business alliances to provide the best consumer experience to stay competitive under the bottom line!

Professional Writing Services: We can create virtually any professional document, resume, report, applications, article, proposal or any other writing assignment our clients need to get things done & filed timely for any compliance needs!

*Plan & Proposal Writing Services: We’re renowned for creating hundreds of Lender-Ready Business Plans & other documents tailored to your needs, location, industry & bottom line!
*Incorporation Services: Incorporate your business in any state or country that best fits your business needs & bottom line!



Need help with generating as many leads as you can handle?

Sales Strategy & Implementation: Acquire sales promotion solutions exclusive to your business needs & bottom line!
Cross-Referral Solutions: For our Business-to-Business clients, if you pass our vetting process, we can cross-refer warm leads & in-house work orders through our client base and our Black Tie Network!



Trouble finding your options for acquiring the capital needed for your project?




BLACK TIE LINKS – Need help building your strategic partnerships & alliances to scale your operations?


Other Services to complete your needs? Visit our exclusive Black Tie Network of colleagues & business partners personally vetted for your business needs!