Once upon a time, a small business owner was framed! Their Fortune 500 competitors spent countless resources to make the public believe the small business was incompetent and obsolete. But the owners decided they “weren’t going to take this lying down”! They decided to fight to get their good name back; regardless of cost & adversity! This story may sound familiar. We hope so. It’s about you…

Now, About Us…..

In 2006, the founders of Black-Tie had an idea for a unique consulting service: Instead of focusing on the Fortune 500 that stretch beyond our communities, we’d our tailor business services to the Unfortunate 500,000 within our communities; those startups, midsized, small & micro businesses who fail every 1-2 years due to lack of structure, guidance & capital!

After hundreds of startups, dozens of success stories, & a few self-made millionaires later, Black-Tie has proven its unique services as invaluable to those who need real-world business help at an unbeatable value!

If you need help with starting or growing your small business or organization, contact us for your FREE consultation. And because we only charge for actual execution & results, the only risk you should be concerned with is finding better problems to have!


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