Why Acknowledgement Is Power


In the past generations, the attainment of knowledge was as challenging as its comprehension & usage. Now, we carry access to all known knowledge the world has to offer. But without acknowledgment, our  challenges for comprehension & usage of knowledge worsen. Consider this: What’s Knowledge without Acknowledgement? In other words, what’s the value of simply being informed if there’s no commitment for how its used? It’s your Acknowledgment that holds yourself accountable to make your  knowledge powerful!

That’s why there is no binding contract nor verbal agreement, no creed nor code,  not anywhere in the world, nor anytime in history, without Acknowledgement!

Acquiring knowledge should be a lifelong habit. But don’t assume knowledge inherently empowers, or entitles, us to unlimited success & accomplishment. Many typically hang their hat on the knowledge they’ve acquired. But acquiring knowledge only proves you have stored useful information. At best, acquiring knowledge proves to yourself and others that you have the “potential” to make your information useful to your lifelong circumstances and goals. And without your understanding & commitment to how the information is useful, which is acknowledgement, that “potential” is all but lost.

Your goals are deserving of more informed commitments over merely having informed conversation. Don’t just get knowledge (i.e. useful information). Get acknowledgement (i.e. your understanding & commitment to that information’s use)!

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