Getting Started…

Completing our brief questionnaire below helps us tailor your FREE initial Strategy Session! First, select what best describes your current needs:

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2 thoughts on “Getting Started…

  1. I really like the info you posted in B.O.B. about how to start a non-profit. Got me excited about bringing my dreams into fruition in the near future. I will be honest I was a little intimidated by the form above, but realize that it shows who is serious about their biz and who is not. Kudos all the way around! However I think you should remove HTML jargon below. Many blessing to you look forward to learning more about you on Monday’s call.



  2. Business Plans & Grant Proposals: Yes
    Financing Options:
    Additional Services…:
    Name of Business:: Mela’s Market
    Physical Address:: Elko, GA
    Answer the following as best and detailed as possible! If your business is new, then you may input your best assumption. If you’re an investor, then you may input the description of the ideal company you’re looking for.: New Business
    Average Price Per Product or Service (combined price of each sellable products & services/divided by/ total number of sellable products & services per month)::
    Details of your Current Operations:: Startup. I’m researching the area and start up requirements. Ive found an ideal location to purchase.
    If you’ve checked “additional services”, please specify your selection here::
    Current (or Opinion of) Business Alliances (i.e. suppliers, investors, etc.)::
    Current (or Opinion of) Income statement per month/quarter/year::
    Type of Industry:: Retail
    Describe the Marketing Weapons you’ve employed in specific detail (Advertising, Word of Mouth, etc.)::
    Your niche—-what you stand for? (Price, Quality, Quantity, Customer Service, Location/Convenience, etc.):: Convenience and a more personal experience than supermarkets
    What’s your Business’s Identity? & HOW does it identify Target Market?::
    What’s the purpose of this business for yourself and staff?:: I would like this business to become a multi generational legacy and main source of income for my family.
    List any documents you feel may be informative to our research. Then email them to (Old Business Plan, Income Statement, By-laws, etc.)::
    Terms & Agreements: By selecting I agree, I knowingly allow Black Tie Business Solutions© to conduct marketing research & represent my company to the necessary parties for my benefit & behalf only. After my business is complete with Black Tie Business Solutions©, my permission will expire.: I Agree


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