⧓Affiliates: Get Paid $50-$100+5% Every Service & Every Referral We Help Build Their Business!

Do you have Family, Friends, Co-Workers or Colleagues who need help with Tying their Business Ideas & Dreams into Reality? Think your community could use our services? Refer them here to get a 5% finder’s fee + $50-100 on each service used to start/grow their businesses!

Our referral program works with these 3 easy steps:

1. Always encourage your Friends, Family, &/or Co-Workers in their pursuit to Start or Grow their Business (whether its’ through us or not)!

2. Refer their Name, Contact Info, & Business Needs in this form below. You’ll have the option to accept your reward as cash, discounts for your own business needs, or donations to causes we support at http://www.bbnomics.com:

3. Referrals are paid on Fridays! After your referral secures payment for their desired services (takes 2-3 business days), wait until Friday of the same week it’s approved to receive your bonus! We’ll also pay for additional services they acquire as their business needs grow. You could literally get paid #eachandeveryfriday for supporting your own people! If you have any trouble with using this referral program for any reason, email customerservice@black-tie.biz or call (661) 418-7830 for same-day assistance!


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