How you were “Framed” from the Start…

Entrepreneurship is a team sport. Without sincere help from those with real-world business experience, your small business or non-profit cause may continue to be “framed” as inferior to your competition.

Once upon a time, the Small Business was “framed”. They were not accused nor charged with any crime. But their Fortune 500 competitors spent countless resources to groom the public (customers especially) into believing the Small Business was incompetent & obsolete. But owners decided they “weren’t going to take this lying down”! So they fought to get their good name back; regardless of cost & adversity! This story may sound familiar. We hope so. It’s about you!

Since 2006, the founders of Black Tie’s unique consulting service has found success for its clients by not playing by their corporate elite rules. We don’t cater to the Fortune 500; but exclusively for the Unfortunate 500,000 small businesses that usually fail within every couple of years!

After helping hundreds of startups and small businesses, dozens of success stories, and even a couple of self-made millionaires later, Black Tie has proven its unique services as invaluable to those who need real-world business help at unbeatable prices!

If you need help with starting or growing your small business or organization, contact us for a FREE consultation! And because we only charge for actual execution & results, the only risk you should be concerned with is finding better problems to have!

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