(Most Popular) #100Challenge


Are you truly “100 %” ready to acquire Grants, Loans, & Investors to get the funds to Tie your Business Ideas into Reality? Then, accept our #100Challenge to Get the Right Paperwork & Assistance you need for Under $100!

Our #100Challenge is simple: For only $100 & a 100% Commitment to moving forward (a $300-500 value each), we grant the 1st 10 Entrepreneurs any one of the following consulting services of their choice:

  • Creating your original “Lender-Proven” BUSINESS PLAN!
  • Building your proven INCORPORATION Strategy for your State of choice ( govt. fees not included)!
  • Designing your “Investor-Proven” PITCH DECK to present to Potential Investors!
  • Drafting your GRANT PROPOSAL designed for multiple use!
  • Learning SALES STRATEGY tailored for your Business Needs!


Challenge begins on the 1st of every month. Both questionnaires & payments must be received by the 10th of the month! If all received before the 10th of the month, ALL work ordered must be completed by the end of the same month or the client receives Both the completed work + $100! “Credit or Cash?” Your choice! No questions asked!

Note: If you opt for public review, we’ll also Promote your business’s progress #100Tested on Black Tie’s social media networks in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, & More!

Two Steps To Apply:

  1. Submit your Questionnaire .
  2. Then, submit your Payment here. We’ll take care of the rest!

Prefer a live representative?

E-mail info@BlackTieManage.com or call (661) 418-7830 for assistance!

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